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Solar Chargers

Sunlight is a natural FREE renewable energy resource that can be captured using solar panels or solar chargers. These solar products capture the light from the sun and transform it into electricity to power or charge the connected device in a clean and renewable way without the need for mains electrical connections. A solar charger is basically a smaller portable version of the solar panel.

Solar chargers work on light not heat. The stronger the daylight the greater the flow of electricity through your solar product so, contrary to popular belief, you do not need direct sunlight all of the time to use solar power; as long as you have daylight you can still generate some power even on a cloudy day!

Here at Power Supplies Online we have a selection of solar chargers ready to power up a number of applications, from solar mobile phone chargers to solar battery chargers for vehicle batteries. Our range of solar mobile phone chargers are great for taking on the go when you have no access to mains power. An ideal item for festival goers and campers alike, a solar mobile phone charger will give your mobile phone some juice, even when the clouds are out.

Our range of solar mobile phone chargers are aimed at portable applications. Find a solar mobile phone charger that can charge your iPod, mobile phone, PDA and other handheld electronic products or even larger solar chargers for your boat, caravan, motorhome or even to keep your classic car ticking over during winter storage.

Buy a solar mobile phone charger or any of our other solar chargers from Power Supplies Online and benefit from fast postage and free UK delivery over £40.

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