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LED Floodlights

Power Supplies Online range of LED floodlights is on Sale

An LED floodlight makes an ideal replacement for traditional HP Sodium, Mercury Lamp or incandescent fittings with a longer lifetime and more economical on your electricity bill. 

Our range of LED floodlights offer 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W options, in cool white or warm white, for outdoor LED security lighting, garden lighting or industrial lighting settings.  The 10W units really are small and mighty; compare the lumen output to that of your exiting fittings rather than the wattage as an LED Watt can do far more than an incandescent watt. 

Don't forget to pair with one of our PIR sensors, to give motion sensing capabilities. The beauty of a separate PIR sensor is that it can be located away from the light fitting, triggering it to light up an area sooner, or one sensor can be used for multiple LED floodlights wired up in series for that larger installation. Here our ICON products could also be just the thing you need.

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